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About Us

Welcome to Los Santos County Roleplay! LSCRP is a really exciting and outstanding FiveM community with friendly members and a great development team!

With exciting features not seen by many Public FiveM servers such as:

• A whitelisted LEO department, meaning you will engage with well-trained, professional Law Enforcement Officers!

• DOT, you can become a DOT worker and work on vehicles or recover them.

• Public FD/EMS, you can become a Medic or Firefighter without needing approval with great vehicles and EUP!

• Civilian ~ The lifeline of our community, the important people in any Roleplay situation.


A Home for Everyone!

Join LSCRP Today! A great community for everyone.


Our main goal is to create a great experience for our players so they can enjoy and socialize with other members of our community. 


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Partners/Sponsor's for LSCRP! Make sure to check out all of our partners. These partnered community feature high quality content for your own FiveM Communities!

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